Firework Categories

A little explanation of firework categories…

Roman Candles are candle shaped fireworks that eject stars, glittering comets, crackling stars, flying fish or floral bursts.  Once buried half way, it is lit and fires out the top.  These are great starters and have heights of 10 to 20 meters.

Barrages are larger versions of roman candles.  They can fire from 24 to 70 shots with one firing.  Available in many colours, the effect looks like shooting stars.  These are great to add length to a show.

Fountains/Cones are a firework which effects stay closer to the ground but can reach up to 5 meters.  Sparks and stars spray upwards in a fountain-like spray.  Larger fountains are long lasting and have neat effects like whistles, crackles and even pine tree like effects.

Tubes or Mortars are aerial effects that are shot from a tube with a base attached.  They can reach heights of 25 meters.  They offer a large burst of colour in the shape of a flower, a ring or maybe fan shape.  Tubes are single shots.  Some can be loud with a whistle or even a bang.  The effects are quite spectacular.

Airbombs or Soundshells are single shot fireworks that have a built in spike to anchor it in the ground for firing.  It will then eject a tracer star up to 20 meters and burst with a very loud bang.  Mainly their effect is noise although some do have colour bursts.

Novelties are small items that have different effects.  Ground spinners, burning schoolhouses, strobes and crackling spinners.

Sparklers are the only hand held firework.  A metal wire is coated with a pyrotechnic material that slowly burns and emits golden sparkles.  Many people enjoy “writing” their name in the sky with sparklers, including me.

Cakes are multi shot fireworks often used as a finale to a show.  There are also small and medium sized cakes to be used during the show and leading up to the big finale.  They can fire from 7 to 100 shots.  Many effects such as flying fish, floral bursts, go-getters, chrysanthemums and even floating ghosts are available.  Sometimes referred to as “boxes,” cakes are often box or cube shaped.  They can also be hexagon and star shaped.  Cakes are gaining in popularity mainly because of the elaborate effects and the multiple of shots with just one lighting.

Now you know your fireworks so much better.  You are welcome.  ;)


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